In past blogs, we’ve talked a lot about social media and digital marketing from a business perspective.  Another area where social media makes a huge impact is from a personal branding standpoint. Today, we see tons of social media “celebrities” and “influencers” that have made a legitimate career out of posting their lives on social media profiles such as Instagram and Twitter by creating their own personal brand.  But how? Here are some general tips for creating a strong personal brand using social media.

Keep all Profiles Consistent  

Depending on what your goals are, you may utilize most major social media platforms, or just a few.  Either way, regardless of how many profiles you’re using, you’ll want to do your best to make sure they’re all consistent with one another.  Consistency comes from what type of content you’re posting, how often you’re posting it, and who you’re engaging with. Generally, you just want to make sure you pay attention to all of your profiles and don’t let any fall far behind.

Engage Regularly With Your Audience

Your audience is a huge part of your success in creating a strong personal brand with social media.  Your audience consists of your followers, and people whom you are interacting with on your profiles. Individuals with a strong personal brand understand that their followers play a major role in their success.  Therefore, they like to maintain a regular interaction with them, via answering any direct messages, and in comments and likes on your follower’s profiles.  Your followers want to know that you appreciate them. Always be sure to maintain a regular engagement.

Create Interesting and Relevant Content

Creating a strong personal brand requires putting a significant amount of effort into the content that you post.  Consider an image based profile, such as Instagram. Instagram is a great way to give followers a view into your daily life with pictures and videos.  The important thing to remember is to keep the content interesting. If you focus on travel, for example, use high-quality images of you and your travels to really highlight the places you’re going; and make sure they’re diverse, in that you aren’t posting the same pictures and videos constantly.  

Follow Other Influencers

Following other established influencers is a great way to get ideas and see the best practices behind creating a strong personal brand.  Additionally, you can find influencers that are related to your interests, and follow similar people and pages that they interact with. This will not only give you some insight into what you can do, but it will help you connect with people of the same general interests.