We talk a lot about marketing from a digital and social media perspective.  No matter what form of marketing you’re using, one thing remains the same: Content.  Content is an essential key to a good marketing strategy from a digital to a social media perspective.  As a brand, connecting with your audience is a major key to your success and will essentially help you build your brand recognition in an organic way.  To dive a little deeper, let’s go over a few of the major advantages of strong content marketing in business:

Encourage Interaction with Audience

When it comes to digital and social media marketing, your audience is one of the most crucial contributors to your success.  Your audience is essentially part of the foundation of your brand. Creating content is a fantastic way to reach out to your audience and build a trusting and strong relationship with them.  According to Keran Smith, 78% of consumers prefer to get to know a company through articles and content rather than ad’s; and 70% believe that organizations providing custom content have a strong interest in building a good relationship with them.  Your consumers likely see tons of ads on the web and social media every day; providing custom organic content is a great way to build trust with them, and help them form a strong opinion on your brand and what it represents.

Bring in Leads & Business

While your current consumers are an essential component of your foundation, potential leads are just as important.  Content marketing is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy and provides a high-level of organic lead generation.  The creation of your custom content will contribute to growth in traffic; successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy relies on quality content to assist in creating a strong online presence.  The more your brand focuses on creating quality content, the more recognized it will be on the web in search engines. What does that mean in simple terms? The more quality content, the more eyes, and natural engagement.

Improve SEO Landscape

As we just mentioned, SEO is essentially what makes your brand visible within the search engines on the web.  From an SEO perspective, optimized content provides your brand with a better ranking opportunity. Creating blogs, sharing information, images, and visual content, while using your keyword (brand/company name, etc.), will boost the power and relevancy to your brand and how it appears to consumers online.