Social media has become a huge topic of discussion within the business and marketing industry.  Companies large and small are using social media as an extra platform for marketing, advertising, and even E-commerce.  In fact, many social media profiles, such as Facebook and Instagram, have not only become an E-commerce tool for businesses but have created their own E-commerce platforms as well.

Easy Access

Brand name companies and mom-and-pop shops alike have taken to social media for the ultimate advertising and marketing opportunity.  Think of your favorite major brand or small business; more than likely, both have social media profiles that provide users with easy access to products, pricing, and billing.  For example, world-famous fashion & cosmetics company, Chanel, has close to 30 million followers on popular social media platform, Instagram. Here, the brand’s followers can see daily posts and updates highlighting new products, events, and press; providing the ultimate brand exposure.  With the click of a “bio link”, users are directed to the company website where they can seamlessly shop for products from the comfort of their home.

Sponsored Advertisements

Companies like Facebook and Instagram have capitalized on the opportunity to advertise for brands across the world.  Ad promotions that are customizable to age, geography, and other demographics, specifically on sites like Facebook, provide companies and brands with a no-brainer way to get their name in front of current and potential consumers.  As a user is scrolling down their feed, they may come across an ad from a company that they regularly purchase from, or in some cases, one that they have been interested in. If the ad catches their eye, with just the swipe of a finger, the user is directed to the product and can make their purchase without any hassle. Brands utilizing E-commerce are taking advantage of their ability to pay for customizable social media ads that will ultimately help track of and provide a return on their advertising investment.  

In-app Purchasing

One of the most interesting aspects of social media’s involvement in E-commerce is the seamlessness of in-app purchasing.  By using social media apps, consumers are now able to make purchases directly from the app they’re using. For example, Facebook’s Marketplace feature, originally launched in 2007, provided users with an easy way to buy or sell items of almost any kind directly on the Facebook app.  The marketplace can be utilized by individuals seeking to get rid of a few items, or established companies that use Facebook as a business platform. As time has gone on, and the systems have further developed, Facebook has launched new features that not only help users shop but also make secure in-app payments.

E-commerce changed business by providing consumers with easy ways to find what they need, and receive it within a matter of days to weeks.  Social media has enhanced the world of E-commerce by providing companies and brands with better advertising opportunities and more efficient transactions.