Throughout past blogs, we’ve discussed all things marketing, from traditional, to social and digital.  However, one area of marketing we haven’t discussed yet is influencer marketing. If you use social media regularly, you’re probably following at least one or two “influencers” who use their pages (normally profiles like Instagram) to post their lifestyle and day to day, while working in specific products or brands that they might use.  This is something you’ll see from individuals that are known as influencers, as well as A-list celebrities that may work with different companies to sponsor different products. While influencer marketing itself isn’t necessarily new, due to social media, what we knew as influencer marketing in the past has definitely changed. So what are some major benefits of influencer marketing?

Builds Trust for a Brand

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have given the average person the ability to directly connect with their favorite influencers and celebrities.  These platforms have given us a view into their personal lives, more than ever before. With that, it builds trust between influencers and their followers.  Followers often almost feel as if they know their favorite influencers, and trust the products and brands that they use.  An influencer advertising a product or brand really adds credibility and authority to what they’re promoting; and once their followers get wind of it, many are inclined to purchase the same product.

Connects with Audiences

As we previously mentioned, social media provides celebs, influencers, and followers the ability to connect with each other on a daily basis.  Today, we spend a majority of our time on different social media platforms, interacting with friends and family, posting content, and following different people that share similar interests.  For some people, social media takes up multiple hours of their day. With that, brand and product visibility is high; giving influencers a seamless way to promote a product with a single post.

Increased ROI

With the easy connection between influencers and followers, and the ability to share content in an instant, companies that are utilizing influencer marketing are seeing a high ROI.  Many studies have shown that the benefits that result from the outreach of different influencers generally tends to outweigh the initial investment. This is due in part to the potential to share content, providing unlimited outreach to consumers.  Depending on the brand, product, and influencer, shareable content has the potential to go “viral”; ultimately growing brand awareness by an exponential amount.