Throughout writing this blog, I’ve focused a lot of my content on different areas within marketing and branding, from a traditional, digital, and social perspective.  Marketing is at the foundation of any business, as it helps businesses of all sizes grow and flourish within their industry while they engage with current and potential consumers.  For startup companies, proper marketing is essential to growth and establishing yourself as a strong company. However, in the early startup phase, funds are often limited and tied up in many other areas of getting your business launched.  With that said, you don’t want to minimize your marketing efforts in fear of budget costs; luckily, there are plenty of avenues you can take to properly market and brand your startup, without breaking the bank.

Content Writing & Blogging

The launch of your startup likely comes with a fully functional, and user-friendly website (at least, it should).  Your website should be appealing to your consumers, house information on your company, products or services, and have a dedicated space for consistent content.  Generating authentic content is a fantastic way to engage with your audience and keep them up to date with what you’re doing within your industry and market; essentially, giving your startup tons of exposure.  Last month, we discussed the benefits of content marketing and how it can benefit your business in detail. Consider starting a regular monthly blog where you’re writing and discussing topics that are directly related to your startups work and general involvement within the industry.

Social Media

The internet is a huge asset for new and growing businesses, and so are social media platforms.  In the world of Google and its algorithm, the content and social profiles you have will give power to your startup’s presence online, thus improving the way it ranks when consumers start searching for you.  Use social profiles to directly engage with your consumers and show them what your company is up to.  Depending on your products, many startups utilize social media as a full-blown advertising and selling platform.  Decide what profiles would work best for you, advertise accordingly, and always make sure to link your main website and social profiles together.

Email Lead Generation

E-mail marketing is a more traditional form of marketing, but it comes at no cost, and no limit to the amount of consumers you can reach.  You’ll definitely want to take advantage of this strategy once you’ve collected leads and mapped out potential prospects. On your website, consider placing a newsletter sign up form; you’d be surprised the traffic it can bring over time.

Sponsored Events

Finally, always look into potential opportunities to sponsor events.  Local events are a great way to get needed exposure, and get your name out there, for a small fee. When done correctly, this is a highly effective way to engage with consumers, and drive sales and revenue