Marioly Chacon

California native and student of marketing

Marioly Chacon is a California native who is currently a senior in college where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Over the course of her studies she has become very interested in supplementing her degree with classes in Marketing. After graduating Marioly has plans to move home to South Florida to pursue a law degree from the University of Miami and to be closer to her beloved family.

“Marketing and advertising are broad enough where you're always learning something new about other cultures and new methods to influence and help others. ”

When Marioly Chacon first began her college career she was intensely focused on the sciences. However after taking several courses in political science and marketing she chose to declare a major in Political Science. Her strongest skills are reading and writing which she has come to enjoy immensely. No matter her career choice these assets are bound to give her an edge on her competition and push her career that much further. Marioly Chacon is a determined young woman who pursues her goals and never lets obstacles undermine whatever she is planning to achieve.

The thought of pursuing a law degree came naturally to Marioly as several members of her family are currently practicing law. However, marketing was something she stumbled upon and exceeded in from the first classes in which she was enrolled. Many had tried to dissuade her from taking marketing courses as they had found them difficult. Marioly Chacon rose to the challenge and found the classes to be infinitely interesting. She found the tactics and methods intriguing, and more specifically how different methods are used for different situations and cultures. Marioly is interested in how marketing and advertising are broad enough where a day at work would never be the same and she would always be learning something new about other cultures and new methods to influence and help others.

marioly chacon headshot

Family has always been a pillar and major influencer in her life. She enjoys a close relationship with her grandparents, parents and especially her little sister who is a rising freshman in high school. When Marioly Chacon is not studying to finish her Bachelor’s degree she is spending as much time with her family as possible. Marioly is also interested in sports and has played competitive soccer for almost a decade. Travel has always been something through which her family can bond and share memories. Last summer her family traveled together to Mykonos, Greece where they enjoyed time together on the beach and exploring the sites.